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George Anthony (Born 1991 in new Delhi ) is a Indian fashion photographer.
I live in DELHI. I will move to Mumbai with the determination of becoming successful in making a difference in not only his own life but in the lives of others too. After taking experience in cinematographer/ photographer I decided to make films in do big shoots and increase my creativity levels. .

Since 2012 George has continued with his work .Today George resides in New Delhi where he did his studs and started his cinematography/ photography.

✓ Talent knows no boundaries. Talent knows no language. Talent knows no money. India is a store house of talent. With 1.2 billion populations, there is a galore of talent in our country. India might be a developing nation but then India’s got talent.

✓ What we really lack is the means to tap these resources. So many skills go unnoticed. So many voices get unheard. So many artifacts get wasted. Why do we need to advertise for artists from different nook and corners of the world when there is absolutely no dearth of artists within our country?

✓ Some people do not give a darn about talent but some people have immense lust for talent and one of such men is Mr. George Anthony. George is a young, 27 year old man who founded a production house with the name “One Shoot Production” in 2014 that aims at giving new faces next door, an opportunity and a platform to rise and shine. One Shoot Production treasures the youth and raw talent in our country and polishes it to be a gem. Mr. Anthony believes, “If you are young and talented, it’s like you have wings. If you have it in you, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser.”



Plot no 7 2nd floor sukhi ram park main Matiyala road opposite Hare Krishna banquet Navada Uttam nagar Delhi 110059

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